Wild Hum – Burn Out

Wild Hum – Burn Out



Wild Hum – Burn Out
Wild Hum – Burn Out











RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2019



GENRE: Folk-Pop, Americana-Soul












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Share your biography or press release. 

Produced by Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Studios, Wild Hum is the debut album of Americana-Soul singer-songwriter Hannah Rooth.



With bandmates April Faith-Slaker (cellist) and Adrian Avalos (guitarist) accompanied by six additional studio musicians, the release is a stylistically divergent, sonically stimulating, and lyrically honed six-song collection.



“Divorce in the Water” is sad, whimsical dream-rock colored by bright, rich vocals and resonant cello and violin compositions.



“Tenderly” is dramatic R&B, with sensual, striking vocals and a dynamic melding of string flesh (cello, bass) and electric bones (bass, guitar).



“It’s Wondering If You’ll Be Here Tomorrow” is a gorgeously depressing country song, colored by haunting, simplistic vocals and solitary classical guitar.



All songs meld together the themes of water and steel, ocean and railroad track — a tribute to powering forward whilst diving painfully deep.



Hannah has forged full steam ahead since entering the music world in August 2018, raising $10,000 to record Wild Hum, organizing successful tours for the band, and collaborating on an independent music video for her first single, “Divorce in the Water.”



Alongside the release, she is working on multiple projects including a single with Grammy-nominated producer Christian Davis, compositions with Big Chris Flores (producer for Guns & Roses), and an extensive Pop collection with producer Mitch Maanao.



April Faith-Slaker is a seasoned experimental cellist and solo performer, whose experience includes a composition in a Tim Guthrie film and collaborations with the Mynabirds.



Adrian Avalos is a life-long multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has recorded and performed with samba, jazz, alternative, folk, and hip-hop groups across the country.






Elaborate on the song. 

‘Burn Out’ was written as an acapella song, while I was homeless in Portland OR in the wintertime right after my wife had divorced me.



It’s a song of deep pain, and it delivered as pure and true to the emotion as possible.



The beautiful cello part was composed by April Faith-Slaker and completes the piece perfectly.



Like many of our songs, it is much better performed live.




Update us on the latest news pertaining to your music career. 

We released our first album on September 27th of this year and are currently performing regularly and building an audience in Southern California.



We look forward to producing more songs in the coming months, with a new single coming out this Winter.




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Band lead and singer-songwriter Hannah Rooth has recently started a Patreon account, where you can become a monthly member (starting at $3/month) and help determine the future of Wild Hum through voting on which songs we will produce.



Membership allows you to vote on un-produced songs each month and receive one produced song monthly far before the public hears it. Visit the Patreon Page to learn more about Hannah’s musical mission and hopes for the Wild Hum community.



Discuss your next project. 

Our next single, coming out this Winter, is a deep, lulling, moving piece, written about the strength that is present within deep love.





If love is like water the rainfall is shorter than I’d like

If love is like fire then I wish it wouldn’t burn out tonight

You were the wind oh you blew me to my knees

In the morning the ground was still for you

go where you please



And if I could choose what I’d prefer to do

I wouldn’t want someone like you

I wouldn’t want someone who leaves like you



The sound of a train has always helped me fall asleep

The way that they come then go just always gets the best of me

And when we’d get stopped by one you’d say you bought me a front-row seat

I think you always knew soon you’d be the one to leave



And if I could choose what I’d prefer to do

I wouldn’t want someone like you

I wouldn’t want someone who leaves like you



So burn out

Go burn out

Go burn out

Just burn out



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