Stones in Pockets - Go Angry

Stones in Pockets – Go Angry



Stones in Pockets - Go Angry
Stones in Pockets – Go Angry



Artist Name:  Stones in Pockets



Song Title:  Go Angry
























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Stones in Pockets uncovers a brand-new song entitled ‘Go Angry.’



Stones in Pockets is an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York.



The band released its album, “Intercom”, in July 2019 to represent its unique sound and followed up with its EP “Sanctuary” in October with a deeper world music influence.



Stones in Pockets describes its style as alternative world music with a core rooted in grunge.



The band draws its inspirations from the MTV unplugged days of 90’s grunge legends Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, the pillars of that era.



However, if you listen you can hear stylings deriving from everything from classic rock to jazz to an international world beat.



Lyrically their songs are dedicated to life, love, and inspiration.



Their goal is to be an homage not an imitator of these original bands and they drive that difference with a music integration of international musical elements.



Legendary producer, Godfrey Diamond, having an epic track record with the likes of Aerosmith, Sinatra, and a lengthy plethora of A-List musical acts worked with the band to create the sound you hear today.



Neil Bhay (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

Adam Howard (Lead Guitar)

Marcello Maccagan (Bass)

Chris Howard (Percussion)

Jimmy Lopez (Percussion)

Ruah Bhay (Harmony Vocals)

Samrat Chakrabarti (Harmony Vocals)




Someday I’ll be a better man

Beat my addiction

With my own hands



They say what I did to you

Broke all your senses

Now I’m untrue



I can’t let you go angry

I can’t let you go



One day I’m sure you’ll understand

Time is a window into

Who I am



Goodbye to everything we had.

Hold on tomorrow

With new hands



I can’t let you go angry

I can’t let you go



I can’t let you go angry

I can’t let you go



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