Anıl Aydın – Way Out

Anıl Aydın – Way Out









Anıl Aydın – Way Out
Anıl Aydın – Way Out
















RELEASE DATE: 28 October 2019




GENRE: Neo-classical, Alternative












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Anıl Aydın is an Istanbul based musician and print artist. She started performing at Istanbul local scene around 2005, collaborating with different projects and bands and started writing her own music around 2008.




While studying Fine Arts in New York and working with high-end brands by creating artworks for them, she published her own music from platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp.





Moving back to Istanbul in 2014, she continued writing music, creating artwork, and having DJ Sets at a variety of clubs in Istanbul.




She sees her creation in music and art and tries to go back to the core of her starting point of emotions by using and combining the materials she creates.




She is an artist who takes part in every step of the release process, by getting involved and using her ideas in every product such as videos, album art, etc.




She released her first single ‘Belong’ in May 2019 which has elements and inspiration from 80s synth-pop, and her new single ‘Way Out’ which was produced by Yasemin Özler circulates among genres such as neo-classical and alternative.




The new single ‘Way Out’ took its place on digital platforms independently, on Oct 28, 2019. Yasemin Özler, who has been known for a long time from Istanbul’s local stage, arranged and produced the song.



Elaborate on the song.

The lyrics and music of ‘Way Out’ belong to Anıl Aydın, and the song circulates among genres such as neo-classical and alternative.




‘Way Out’ which ripples melancholic lyrics in a magical atmosphere, aims to be a gateway to peace and light through its arrangement.




Lyrics & Music: Anıl Aydın

Arranger: Yasemin Özler

Producer: Yasemin Özler

Cello & Rhodes: Yasemin Özler

Violin: Selen Kesova

Saxophone: Barış Ertürk

Midi Programming: Yasemin Özler

Recording: Vibes İstanbul

Mix: Memet İncili

Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Mastering/Norway





Update us on the latest news pertaining to your music career.

I currently continue my music career in Istanbul. While starting on new projects and new music to release, I also get involved in events by exhibiting my work and performing.




I see my creation as one, therefore I continue to create materials that involve both music and art and share them with my audience.





Send a message to your fans and supporters.

Thank you for your love and support, and there’s more to come.




Discuss your next project.

We currently have started working on my new songs with Yasemin Özler; who also produced ‘Way Out’.




I like pushing my limits and surprising my audience, therefore my new material will include elements I haven’t used before, but still having traces of me.




I believe the power of collaborating with other musicians, and I feel like we will create some new work with Yasemin that will be exciting, which already does to me.





Silence took me this time

Sirens keep on luring my head

I close my eyes and sail inside

I’m no longer afraid of the nights at the far seas

But I still don’t say no to a companion




Lean into the night

It won’t take long to find a land

Where we can start over again

Make my hands write for it this time




Lean into the light

Tell no more exceptional lies

In your way of playing your part

Show me a way to stay beside




The fire reached out his hand and touched my heart

Don’t ever put words in my mouth, I shout out

I still find myself crawling away in some strange mess

But I’ll keep on trying to find a way out





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